Monday, April 4, 2011

Update on TV Dinosaurs

So it appears that Steven Spielberg's new TV series, "Terra Nova," has pushed the premier back from summer to fall. One rumor suggests that the delay may be due to the fact that animators need more time to work on animating the dinosaurs in the show.

On a positive note, Angie Rodrigues, of Art by Angie, provides us with a link to view a preview of the Discovery Channel's anxiously awaited new documentary series, "Reign of the Dinosaurs." Rodrigues was one of the artists working on the series. You have to watch the demo-reel clip to see several short clips from the series, but it is well worth it. Following the "Reign of the Dinosaurs" clips are several short clips from a previous Discovery Channel series, titled "Monsters Resurrected."

Hopefully both "Terra Nova" and "Reign of the Dinosaurs" will be on track to view later this year. If they're on TV during the same time period we might have quite a bit of mainstream dinosaur overload like we haven't seen since Jurassic Park first appeared in theaters.