About Me

Me with a cast of the skull of Dracorex
Casey Tucker has worked as a Research Associate with a Museum of Biological Diversity. He has been a Conservation Educator for a number of different organizations, including zoos and bird conservation organizations. From 2003-2008 he worked for the National Audubon Society in Ohio as an education specialist, where he gained experience addressing bird conservation issues around Ohio homes and communities, and leading eco-tours to Alaska. He possesses a degree in Zoology from Miami University of Ohio where he worked as a teaching assistant, assisting with courses ranging from introductory biology to ornithology to dinosaur biology, and as a research assistant where he assisted with a variety of research projects ranging from water quality assessments using molecular identification of chironomid species, to freeze-tolerance in gray treefrogs, to avian-mediated dispersal of invasive plant species. He has experience as a volunteer in a molecular ecology and systematics laboratory at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History where he assisted with the genetic barcoding of Philippine bird species.

Tucker is an amateur wildlife and natural history photographer whose photos have appeared on various websites, and in several publications including the Ohio newsletter of the National Audubon Society, the 2007 Cincinnati Flower Show edition of "Home Trends" magazine, the "National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Birds of North America" by Edward S. Brinkley, the “National Geographic Bird Coloration” book by Geoff E. Hill, and more recently the “Stokes’ Field Guide to Birds of North America” by Don and Lillian Stokes.

Tucker can be contacted at tuckercasey@hotmail.com